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Summer Track-USA has the following purpose: - offer Students an opportunity to run in a track or cross country event - without parents having to spend a lot of time or money. . . . especially suited for elementary & junior high students. [All family members are encouraged to participate - iincluding parents and relatives.] The regular ST-USAseason starts towards the last of May, and usually ends no later than the 1st Saturday after the 4th of July each year with a “Final Meet”, which constitutes the end of the track season organized by ST-USA. Students who are not in a summer track club ARE encouraged to participate in ST-USA. Students do not have to be a member of an organized club in order to participate. Parents may set up their own ENDURO USA account and enter their children in ST-USA meets as “Unattached” (UNA). Each student competes in events according to their grade, which is the grade they are currently in, or (if school is out for the summer) the grade that was last completed. To view the current events that are available for each grade, click here: Events by Grade. At each “Open” meet during the season, students can compete in any event they choose, and they can compete in as many events as they choose. However, at the “Final Meet” of the season, students may ONLY complete in the events that are listed in the “Events by Grade” document for their respective grade. (Click on “Events by Grade” above for more details.) (The “Order of Events for each meet will normally be published on this webpage one - two days before the meet.) There are no awards at “Open” meets. Each student that competes in the “Final Meet” will receive an award. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students must participate in at least one “Open” ST-USA meet during the current season in order to compete in the “Final Meet” at the end of that season. All ST-USA meets are electronically timed - with results posted on the ENDURO USAwebsite. And, as always, all relays are run JUST FOR FUN after all individual events have been completed. (This includes the “Final Meet” for each season.) Every student that wants to participate in relays can do so. Unattached students and students in clubs can join together to make a relay - even if grades and genders have to be combined. Remember, unattached studens and clubs MUST be entered in each meet through the ENDURO USA website BEFORE the entry deadline. - - - No Day Of signups. Instructions for entering UNATTACHED students - - - Parents must set up their own ENDURO USA account in their own name, as the parent (adult). Their account must be UPGRADED using the “Unattached (YES-Athletics Meets)” option. To upgrade your account, log into your account and click on your name at the top of the window. Then, (in the drop-down) menu, select “Upgrade Account”. Then, in Step #1 select “Unattached (YES-Athletics Meets)”. Then complete the upgrade process. This process will add an “Unattached Roster” to your account. To find your “Unattached Roster”, click on “My Roster List” (in the left navigation panel). Then, click on “Student Rosters”. Then, click on your UNA Roster. Once your UNA Roster is open, search for and add your student(s) to your roster - then process Parent Authorization, and a YES-Athletics Membership for each student listed on your roster. Once this is done, you may proceed to enter the desired meets that are listed on the right side of your “Unattached Roster” window. Instructions for entering CLUB students - - - Club-Students must be entered in meets by the club’s “Coach of Record” - NOT by their Parents. However, Club-Parents must provide Parent Authorization and pay YES-Athletics Membership Fees on-line through their personal ENDURO USA account. Club-Parents do NOT upgrade their accounts in order to add their student(s) to their “Club-Parent’s Roster. All ENDURO USA accounts have a default roster for Club-Parents so they can quickly log into their account - search for and add their student(s) to their Club-Parent’s Roster - provide Parent Authorization - and pay the YES-Athletics Membership Fee for their respective child/children. Once a Club-Parent provides Parent Authorization for their student(s) they do not have to repeat that process in subsequent years, as long as their student is a member of that same club and remains on that club’s Main Roster (boys/girls). The Club-Parent’s Roster can be found by clicking on “My Roster List” in the left navigation panel on the ENDURO USA homepage. NOTE: Club-Students MUST be listed, by the “Coach of Record”, on the club’s Main Roster BEFORE parents can provide Parent Authorization and pay the Club-Student’s YES-Athletics Membership Fee.
2018 Summer Track Schedule - - - Oklahoma area: DATE LOCATION TYPE ORDER OF EVENTS START TIME RESULTS June 9 Casady Schools OKC Relay Meet* ($5 entry) Schedule (SEE BELOW) 9:00am (Sat) Results Youth Clubs should enter this relay meet by contacting Kevin McWatters at: June 12 Midwest City (no entry fee) ST-USA “Open” Schedule 6:30pm (Tues) Results June 16 Sulphur (no entry fee) ST-USA “Open” Schedule 9:30am (Sat) Results June 19 Midwest City (no entry fee) ST-USA “Open” Schedule 6:30pm (Tues) Results June 23 Midwest City HS “State Games of OK” ($15 student entry fee) 9:00am (Sat) Results --- See for “Order of Events” & other meet details. IMPORTANT: The grade coaches & parents enter their students in for TSGO will NOT be changed at the meet after results are printed UNLESS the student is incorrectly entered in a grade younger than the grade he/she was in during the previous school year. Parents and coaches will be given an opportunity prior to the start of the first event to make any corrections that are needed. June 30 Luther ($10 entry fee) ST-USA “Finals” Schedule (Rev 6-27-18 11pm) 9:30 (Sat) Results Students must: (1) be a YES-Athletics member; (2) have Parent Authorization; and (3) pay the meet entry fee ($10) on-line. Tues/Thurs Afternoon Meets - - - Additional Tuesday / Thursday afternoon “Open” meets will be annunced soon for the month of June.
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: YES-Athletics has made the decision to SUSPEND the 2019 Summer Track USA season in Oklahoma. As a result, there will be no meets scheduled for ST-USA during May or June. This decision is due to the inability to secure the support of school coaches or local track venues through the last Saturday of June - which is a result of the restriction placed on local tracks and school coaches by OSSAA. 2019 “State Games of Oklahoma” (T&F) will be held June 22nd, 2019. Each year, the “Final Meet” for ST-USA is normally the final Saturday in June. Since the last two Saturdays (of June) are not available for ST-USA meets, the ST-USA season would be too brief to offer sufficient meets and activities for YES-Athletics members. We hope to restore the program to normal operation in Oklahoma - in 2020. For info on the State Games (T&F) visit: